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Combo A Series

Smallest XLR / jack hybrid panel mount connector combining a 3 pole XLR receptacle and stereo ¼" phone jack in one XLR housing. Space saving combination of 2 connectors in one plastic housing. Available with horizontal or vertical pcb mount.
Many equipments have two input connectors (balanced XLR and unbalanced jack). But in almost all cases only one input is used at a time, so the Combo reduces panel space, costs and simplifies pcb design.

V = vertical pcb mount, straight pins
H = horizontal pcb mount, angled pins

Locking mechanism
 -0 = no latch, retention spring
no suffix = Latch lock

Separate ground contact to mating connector shell and front panel

Rear panel mount

Panel fastening
Self-tapping PLASTITE screw with thread 2.9x1.06 and of tri-rondular configuration (A-screw)
(PLASTITE® is a registered trademark of SFS Unimarket)

Panel thickness
1 - 3 mm



3 pole XLR female receptacle with 1/4" stereo jack, horizontal PCB mount


3 pole XLR female receptacle with 1/4" stereo jack, vertical PCB mount