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Who is who

Peter Boeglin

CEO Group Management

Chris Neethling

CSO Group Management
Member of Executive Board

Neutrik AG - Thomas Eberle
Thomas Eberle

COO Group Management
Member of Executive Board

Johannes Vègh
Johannes Végh

Regional Sales Manager

Neutrik AG - Claudia Zengin
Claudia Zengin

Order Administration

Neutrik AG - Helga Kenda
Helga Kenda

Order Administration

Neutrik AG - Norbert Nachbauer
Norbert Nachbauer

Senior PM Copper

Neutrik AG - Wolfgang Schwarz
Wolfgang Schwarz

Business Development Manager

Neutrik AG - Florian Frick
Florian Frick

Product Manager

Neutrik AG - Julian Flür
Julian Flür

Application Engineer

Neutrik AG - Fabio Röllin
Fabio Röllin

Product Manager
Fiber Optic Solutions

Alexander Mock
Alexander Mock

Application Engineer

Neutrik AG - Christian Söhnel
Christian Söhnel

Head of Marketing

Neutrik AG - Peter Kunkel
Peter Kunkel

Head of Research & Product Management

Neutrik AG - Oliver Dobler
Oliver Dobler

Head of Product Development

Neutrik AG - Alexander Wachter
Alex Wachter

QA Manager

Philipp Schädler
Philipp Schädler

QC Manager

Neutrik AG - Robert Frick
Robert Frick

Sourcing Manager

Neutrik AG - Mario Peter
Mario Peter


Neutrik AG - Caroline Wiesinger
Caroline Wiesinger

Head of HR

Neutrik AG - Bernd Wackernell
Bernd Wackernell

Head of Corporate IT