XIRIUM for SKY Sports

Senior Television Sound Supervisor Dion Davie was very pleased with the performance of XIRIUM during the live broadcast on SKY Sports of the recent Rugby Super League match. A veteran of 23 years Dion mixes the complex live television sound for SKY Sports rugby league broadcasts in one of Telegenic’s High Definition OB trucks. read this story


The new NEUTRIK ultimatePLUG combines two functions in one product. Our timbrePLUG offers the possibility to adjust the timbre of an electric guitar with one plug. In order to avoid clicks and cracking when changing the instrument under load, the silentPLUG automatically mutes the instrument cable. ... read this story

XIRIUM Digital Wireless Audio

With the digital, wireless audio connector network XIRIUM, the first product based on the DIWA technology, Neutrik ventures a glimpse into the future. XIRIUM combines digital transmission and receiving lines in one system and delivers the highest sound quality, unique reliability and ease of handling. read this story

Neutrik® is the leading supplier of professional entertainment connector products like audio, video, fiber optic and industrial connectors and interconnect systems.

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Learn more about XIRIUM - Neutrik's digital wireless audio network

XIRIUM microsite

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Ripon Cathedral
The event “Welcome to Yorkshire for the Tour De France – 100 Day Dinner” was held at Ripon Cathedral to signify that there were 100 days until the start of The Tour De France. For this event XIRIUM was used, as within the cathedral no cables were to cross the building.
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Here you can find all shows, Neutrik will participate in 2014.

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